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Aeromen dancing

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  Airmen are the most attractive type of dynamic inflatable advertising. Due to height and not static, inflatable figures of Aeromen from afar attract people's views to their dances.
  Aeromen have a standard height – 3m, 5m, 7m and 9m.
  The dance aerobics are made of high-quality and wear-resistant polyester fabric. Branding Aeromen is carried out by a steady sublimation seal. You can independently prepare the desired image on Aeromen, using the scheme – coloring parts of Aeromen. To do this, choose the size of Aeromen and paint
The scheme of placing color-logo images for Aeromen: 3.5 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters.

  The aerial dance moves are performed thanks to technological development based on the calculation of airflows from built-in electric motors located in Aeromen's legs.
  Electric motors require power from the 220V network.
  With the help of special mounting loops on the Shell of Aeromen, the structure is easily and quickly mounted and dismantled.
  All Aeromens are designed for reusable use. Inflatable dynamic structures are stored and transported in special bags.
  The specifications and operating requirements can be found in the Components, Instructions section.
The following factors influence the pricing of Aeromen:

  To ensure the most useful life of the product, it is necessary to loosen it for all installation loops and to comply with the rules of operation, according to the instructions provided, on the page "Components, instructions."
  The cost of making Dance Aeromen is calculated individually by our specialists for each order.
  For all additional questions, contact us on the phones listed on the Contacts page, or use feedback.

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