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Ukrainian leader in the production of pneumoframe structures and full color printing since 1996.

Driving directions


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pneumatic frame structures

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+38 (098) 969 51 50


Components, instructions

  Lord!   We offer you to buy additional components for pneumatic structures and growth dolls. To replace worn-out components, contact the contact office.




Cord for stationary fixation


Dowels for fixing structures

in the asphalt

Peg for fixing structures

in soft soil


Instructions for aeromen


Aeromen 3.5m

Airmen 5m

7m Airmen



Instructions for aeromen-tout


Airman tout 3m

Airman-tout (on the bollard) 3m


Instructions for air-sellers


Instructions for air tents.

Instructions for air tents 5х5m.

Thanks for your order!

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