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Ukrainian leader in the production of pneumoframe structures and full color printing since 1996.

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Growth dolls (suits) for rent



  Available in the warehouse is always a large selection of growth dolls for rent. We provide foam suits and inflatable suits for rent.  All current models for rent are available on our dedicated website "KUKLAFAN." To the page of the availability of costumes for rent, follow the link http://www.kuklafan.com.ua/.

  On rented growth dolls can be made advertising and information vests, if the model is adapted to this technologically. 

  Telephone consultation number for the rental of growth dolls: 38 063 396 10 94.


Offer the following products for rent


  Gentlemen, you have the opportunity to order the rental of our products. For rent our products can be taken either with maintenance (our technical staff serves the structures during the ordered time), or, you can take the products for independent service.

  If you are suitable for the option – service on their own, then, in this case, when issuing the goods, we will provide you with instructions on the use of the product.

For additional information and terms of rent (bail, cost, quantity, delivery) be sure to contact our office on the following phones.

The list of goods for rent is constantly changing.

  Please note that on such designs as: arch and airman-tout it is possible to make an advertising and information canvas with your advertising.

  Telephone consultation number for tent rentals, inflatable structures, Aeromens: 38 044 501 92 54, q38 098 969 51 50

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