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  Aeromen-touted – a relatively new, in Ukraine, a kind of dynamic pneumatic structures. Aeromen-touts differ from dynamic Aeromen in that of the dynamics elements have not the entire moving body, but, as a rule, one element – the "hand" pointer.
Like other air-thums, aeronum-touts can be designed for a specific image of someone or anything. Aeromen-toss can be installed on a light tube for additional perception.
  The color solution for Aeromen-touts perform at your request. The standard height of Aeromen-touts – 3m.
  The electric motor in this design is already built into the shell (light bollard). The electric motor connects to the 220B (or electric generator) grid. To ensure the most useful life of the product, it is necessary to loosen it for all installation loops and to comply with the rules of operation, according to the instructions provided, on the page "Components, instructions."
  The Aeroman's miscalculation is touted individually. To do this, you need to send an image (makeup, sketch, photo, etc.) of the product, specify the desired size, provide information about the color solution, specify the circulation and long-term operation, contact person and contact phone number.
  If you want to see interchangeable canvases on the air press , please specify this.
  The standard production period is up to 3 weeks. But, if you need to "yesterday" – we will find a solution, how it is possible to do 🙂
  Our multi-channel phone for communication: 38 (044) 501 92 54, or order a return call through the "Order a call" button.

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