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Ukrainian leader in the production of pneumoframe structures and full color printing since 1996.

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Exclusive inflatable advertising

  Exclusive pneumatic design is an inflatable static figure of any shape and of all sizes. The pneumatic structure consists of a shell and an electric motor. The shell of the pneumatics is made to order, according to the entrance technical task. We have extensive experience in the development of high-complexity air structures and a production base for the manufacture of inflatable figures of all sizes. The shells of static inflatable figures are made of high-quality polyester fabrics with polyurethane impregnation. The required full-color application is carried out by a stable sublimation printing on Japanese Mimaki printing equipment and original sublimation ink. According to the volume of the shell, an electric motor is selected. To operate the air-thuning, it is necessary to connect, in many cases, the built-in electric motor into the shell, to the 220B power grid and to secure the installation loops at the installation site.
  To ensure the most useful life of the product, it is necessary to loosen it for all installation loops and to comply with the rules of operation, according to the instructions provided, on the page "Components, instructions."
  The miscalculation of the air-thums is done individually. To do this, you need to send an image (makeup, sketch, photo, etc.) of the product, specify the desired size, provide information about the color solution, specify the circulation and long-term operation, contact person and contact phone number through the order form on the page "Contacts."
  The standard production period is up to 3 weeks. But, if you need to "yesterday" – we will find a solution, how it is possible to do 🙂
  Our multi-channel phone for communication: 38 (044) 501 92 54, or order a return call through the "Order a call" button.

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