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Ukrainian leader in the production of pneumoframe structures and full color printing since 1996.

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Growth dolls pneumo and growth dolls foam

Our priority is to develop not only the company itself, but also the development of the Ukrainian Advertising Market. To do this, back in 2011, we patented our know-how in the field of inflatable growth dolls and began to be the first to explore and produce inflatable growth suits in Ukraine. From many countries of the world come our customers to Kiev for made exclusive orders. Because, in terms of quality, technology and attractiveness, our growth suits still have no analogues. We carry out the design and manufacture of growth pneumatic dolls, budget (carnival) costumes and frame-foam costumes. More information on the manufacture and rental of growth suits can be found on our specialized website kuklafan.com.ua

Growth dolls inflatable (pneumatic suits)

Inflatable growth suits are air suits that in many ways surpass their foam counterparts. Thanks to the synthesis of our know-how and significant experience in the production of growth suits, we managed to overcome the path from experimental samples to high-tech, European quality, growth suits.

Growth dolls (inflatable growth dolls, costumes) – this is a huge "cherry" of any holiday! Growth dolls are made of long-moving and short-lin artificial fur, as well as from artificial fabrics. For the most part, growth dolls pneumo have a height of 2.4m. 3.5m. Unlike the foam-framed suit, the pneumatic suit has a constantly incoming flow of air in the suit from the outside, thus providing more comfort in the work of the promoter at any time of the year. An animate in such a suit is possible for a longer time than a foam-framed (stuffed suit). The inflatable growth suit has another undeniable advantage – in packaged form it takes 10-20% of the volume of its working volume. And it is very convenient when it is transported and stored. Complete growth suit includes battery, charger and transport bag

Growth dolls inflatable giants

Growth dolls-giants will meet your guests, entertain the audience waiting in the hall, become unforgettable participants of any party, will become the main attributes of the photo zone. The actor, located in a growth doll, "enlivens" it, and in front of you is no longer a costume, but a living character of fairy tales or a living corporate hero of your company, height from 3m. 3.5m! At any event, growth dolls are always in the spotlight. Thanks to our developments, despite the high growth, the growth suit-giant is easy to operate and mobile.

Budget (carnival) costumes

Budget (carnival) costumes are used at holidays, weddings, New Year's and other parties, promotions, birthdays, for various competitions and corporate parties. Inflatable suits dress up in ordinary clothes and do not require any additional devices.

Growth dolls foam (parquet)

Growth dolls (suits) foam work perfectly at presentations, ceremonies, promotions, parties, corporate events, costume carnivals and shows. Foam growth dolls are made in the form of any corporate hero, items, food and everyday life, fairy-tale heroes. Growth dolls frame-foam are made medium height from 1.2m to 2.4m. To ensure the comfortable and effective work of the promoter in the suit provided the presence of foam frame. Additional elements – gloves, shoes, pants – will complement the image of your hero. Materials such as textiles, fur, foam, fillers and synthetic fabrics are used in the manufacture of growth foam dolls.

Growth dolls foam (parquet) Growth dolls foam (parquet) Growth dolls foam (parquet)

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