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Inflatable military equipment

  Inflatable military equipment has such a range of applications – military exhibition, military parade, fake at military shooting ranges. But, if you want to decorate the scene for Victory Day, or, for another holiday or show, we will make you military equipment without small imitation elements of a particular model and do in bright colors. Thus, with harsh military equipment tanks, armored personnel carriers, cannons, anti-aircraft installations will turn into a scenic element of decor, a playground, and the like.
  We will develop and manufacture inflatable stands of military equipment with the maximum model resemblance to the original. We have experience in the development of the most complex military equipment.
  To miscalculation and manufacture military equipment for the show, we need to send a request with the attachment of the desired type of military equipment (photo, sketch, model, etc.), specify the desired color, size, long-term operation, contact person and contact phone number.
  To miscalculation specialized military equipment it is necessary to send us the brand of the necessary military unit, dimensions, photo or image, specify the circulation.
  Inflatable stands work indoors and outdoors. For the sake of the inflatable stand you need to connect it to the electricity grid 220B (or electric generator). To ensure the most useful life of the product, it is necessary to loosen it for all the mounting loops.
  Depending on the complexity of the model and size, the pneumatic product is developed and manufactured from one to two months.
  The set of stretches and attachments for asphalt is included in the set of the inflatable stand.
  Our multi-channel phone for communication: 38 (044) 501 92 54, or order a return call through the "Order a call" button.

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