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Ukrainian leader in the production of pneumoframe structures and full color printing since 1996.

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Aker Company LLC

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pneumatic frame structures

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Layout requirements



The layouts in the corelDraw 18 version formats are accepted, Adobe Illustrator to CS5 versions (z.ai), (zeds).

  • The image is prepared on a scale of 1:1
  • Colors should be in CMYK
  • The outline of the image is indicated on the sheet
  • fonts need to be converted to curves
  • There should be no waste and squandering effects
  • strokes must be converted into objects
  • unused objects and paths should not go beyond the page
  • The use of camouflaged objects is not allowed.
  • black composition S0 M0 Y0 K100.


The encapsulated PostScript formats are accepted, TIFF, or L'W compression, PhotoShop(z.psd) is accepted.

  • The image is prepared on a scale of 1:1
  • Colors should be in CMYK
  • You should not have built-in profiles, paths, or additional alpha channels.
  • all layers must be consolidated.
  • Rastra images must be at least 150 dpi for A4-A2 image format, image size over 1m x1.5m – 200 – 120 dpi, image size over 2m – 2m – 100-72 dpi
  • black composition S0 M0 Y0 K100.


You can send the layout files to our e-mail:


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