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Corporate and campaign flags for the office and the street

Flags – this, a type of advertising that enhances the image of your company, attracts additional attention to your company, pays attention to the location of your company. Flags are made by sublimation printing. Our flags are of high quality, thanks to the use of: European-quality flag polyester mesh, Japanese printing equipment Mimaki, original sublimation ink. The product we produced has all the qualities due to these advantages – bright color, durability of operation, resistance to the influence of ultraviolet light. The generally accepted standard of flag sizes is 90 x135 cm, 100 x150 cm. and 140 x210 cm. It is also possible to make other sizes of flags to order. Flags can be made of the following materials: flax polyester mesh, atlas, polyester, gabardine. For more information on the flags and their cost, you can see on our specialized website flagprint.com.ua



Table flags

Table flags are of a standard size of 12 x24 cm, and are made of satin or polyester material. For more information about the flags and their cost, you can see on our dedicated website flagprint.com.ua



Table pennants

The pennants are made by sublimation method of printing on fabric atlas or gabardine, are two sealed canvases, with a sealing insert between them. The pennant can be attached to a special table flagpole or hung by a fastening rope. The standard pennant size is 14 x 22 cm. and 20 x 30 cm. In shape, the pennant can be: triangular in shape, rectangular shape and pentagonal shape. For more information on pennants and the cost, you can see on our specialized website flagprint.com.ua



Mobile evocers

Flag-sail (Winder) – light, mobile and it is convenient to use at the venues of outbound events: promotions, sports competitions, festivals, exhibitions. Even with a slight wind the flag-sail will always be in motion, it is clearly visible from a distant distance. The sail flag (Winder) can be between 1.5 and 4 meters high. The flan cloth can be washed and ironed. Our company produces flags for Vinder's mobile flagpoles: Standard, Wing, Sail, Feather, Drop. For more information about windders and their cost, you can see on our dedicated website flagprint.com.ua



Fluffy accessories

We offer you a wide range of flag accessories. Here you can order outdoor stands made of natural wood, metal tips (nickel or gilded), table stands under flags 1-2-3 horns, vinders. For more information, please visit our dedicated website flagprint.com.ua




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